Wells Chamber of Commerce Chili Fest

hot chili

Annual Wells Chili-Fest, Wells Junior High School on U.S. Route 1, Wells, Maine August 27, 2011, from 11 am until 3 pm. FMI: 207-646-2451

Chili chefs from all over the known chili universe come to this annual event to inflict pain and suffering on the hungry throngs. I don't blame the chefs, I blame the throngs who knowingly pay for the privalege of having their taste buds rendered useless for the rest of the weekend. OK, hot chili is not my thing. The folks who do enjoy it have a great time at this event and the rest of us have fun watching them have fun.

extra hot chili

Of course you don't have to suffer.
Some of the vendors offer Chili of a
mild variety for the sound of mind.

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