hot chili

These photos of lightning (also spelled lightening) were all taken the same evening. The sky over Wells Harbor was almost completely clear. the thunder storms were well to the north. Only a few light raindrops fell on me over the course of well over an hour. The storms were far enough off that the sound of thunder was barely noticeable. Folks a few more miles away were probably calling this "heat lightning". Heat lightning is actually just lightning that is far enough away that you see only the light reflected by clouds and cannot hear the thunder because of the distance.

I like this shot the best because it shows two different varieties of lightning, cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes.

Digital photography is so much fun. To take these photos I used a tripod mounted Digital SLR with 20 to 30 second time exposures. I shot over 100 exposures to get these three but with no film cost to consider the only expense is the time. I picked Wells Harbor to give the photos a sense of place. The water was calm enough so that the blur of the rocking boats was acceptable for this purpose. Most lightening photos show you only the sky and maybe a few unidentifiable house lights.

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