Navy Spyglass


US Navy spyglass

This is a 1942 U.S. Navy BUSHIPS, (Bureau of Ships) WWII, Quartermaster, Mark II, 16 power "Spyglass," Serial No. 11284, manufactured by Kollmorgen Optical Corp. with mahogany case. These telescopes were used on warships to detect enemy fire. US Navy, WWII spyglasses are waterproof, have outstanding optics and focus by twisting the eyepiece. The body of the spyglass is metal and wrapped with a thick twine to provide a sure grip when held. A black lacquer coating was applied to the surface to prevent any reflection that might cause enemy detection I find it interesting that the serial number on the spyglass does not match the serial number on the box. A sign that the boxes and glasses got separated in the fog of war?

16 power


The optical quality of these spyglasses is outstanding. Very few modern commercial spotting scopes have an equally wide apparent field of view. These spyglasses give wonderful views and are common at gun shows & military collectors meetings.

The photo above was taken through the lens of the spyglass.
The photo below was taken with the same camera with a normal camera lens.

A BU SHIPS spyglass (same model) was featured on Antiques Roadshow. The featured spyglass had extreme heavy wear and was still considered in excellent condition. It was appraised at $500-600

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