Free sliding sinker gizmo

Start by winding the fishing line, above your hook and barrel swivel.

Continue winding untill the fishing line is all the way through the spirals.

You probaly don't use green cotton string for fishing line but if you did your rig would now look like this.

Now pinch the coils closed. A heavier guage wire will probably require pliers for this step but the thin wire I've used can easily be closed or re-opend with just fingers.

Hang your weight on the drop wire and go fishing.

If you don't use a barrel swivel above your hook you can still use the sliding sinker gizmo by adding a split ring or something similar.

Pass a loop of your line through the ring. Pull the loop forward and back over the ring.

Pull up on the ring while pinching the two ends of the line and tug till the line snugs around itself under the ring.

Now go fishing.

Go on, get outta here. Let me know how this works for you. Contact Ted, Email:

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