Seal at sunrise

sunrise & harbor seal

At low tide there is a group of rocks off of Fisherman's cove in Wells Maine which the harbor seals just love to haul out on. My favorite time to visit Fisherman's Cove is when low tide coincides with sunrise. On this particular morning I had the good fortune to see a lobster boat lined up nicely with the seal and the sunrise for this photo.

Wells sunrise, seal, lobster boat

The best time of year to see these charismatic critters is later Summer and early Fall. You won't see them much in the Spring because the seals spend that time of year on Islands much further off shore where they raise their pups in relative safety. Also see the photos of seals in the surf.

BTW...One of our favorite restaurants, The Grey Gull Inn, has tables with a great view of Fisherman's Cove.

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